If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love interacting with the students because that’s who I have been too. I’ve worked with multiple institutes, colleges and schools such as Indian Institute of Development Studies(IDS) ,Jaipur, Raffles University ,Neemrana, Commerce College(CCMS) and Arts college ,MLSU Udaipur, Imperial college , Hisar(Haryana), Holy Angel School Hisar, Delhi Public School ,Yammunanagar and lots more.

I have participated in many conferences conducted in all parts of India .Selected to present the paper in Germany. My papers have been published in the Indian Economic Journal and written innumerable papers on various topics for the conferences and seminars on Economics and Management fields. I have regularly attending the conferences in Nirma Institute of Management Studies ,Ahmedabad.

But what gets me most excited is to teach the students in a conceptual manner, so that they develop a  better understanding  of the subject and build up the confidence about the subject.

 Dr.  Priyanka Tripathi  (PH.D in Economics)

To be honest, this pandemic has transformed me as an ‘Edupreneur Geek’. I geek out on helping the students understand the practicality of the subject and unlock their learning skills that develop their creative and Innovative thinking. Everything I’ve done in my 20 years of Journey in the Academics world has been in pursuit of providing the students solve their subject related  problems and make them score excellent results.

After living a life of an economics educator and having setup Online Teaching initiatives I want to share with students the methods, expertise, and support they need to succeed. And I am looking forward to working with you soon.

With over Two decades experience in academics , I want to share my accumulated knowledge with students. I have successfully developed new online self-paced course delivering complex solutions to the students of grade12 CBSESpecialties:
Comprehensive experience of architecture of ICT solutions, conducting systems feasibility studies combined with sound stewardship of specialist teams, the drive for customer satisfaction and bottom line performance, has been instrumental in successes.